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*Water Resistant

*Durable & Lightweight

*Water Resistant

*Durable & Lightweight

First Responders SCAN the Unique Identifier QR code on the card to receive HAM information and more within seconds.

Aspen Medical

ID-ME Health Card Program

Compatible with all USB ports, Mac and PC. Quickly Store, transport and share files (medical records, healthcare documents, medical imaging ie. xray, MRI, etc.).

Click & Scan

- Blood Type

- Existing Conditions

- Emergency Contacts


- History

- Allergies 

- Medication


First Responders SCAN the U-ID on your ID-ME card to receive the following information in seconds:

During an emergency medical situation it is vital that emergency response systems are executed effectively. An immediate thorough assessment by a first responder can be the difference between life and death.  A first responder can be a paramedic, police, family, friends or any person first on the scene.

Unique Identifier Quick Response Code

IMPORTANT: No personal identifiers are stored nor maintained by ID-ME. Personal identifiers include your Name, Address and Emergency Contact names.

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