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I.D. Emergency Information Program
*Can you remember a loved ones important medical details in an emergency?

The database storing your health information adheres to a strict set of standards and is developed by data security specialists.

All Members have unlimited database access to update health information 24/7/365 with updates taking place in real-time.

This software is used by major banks, financial and insurance organizations, government departments and large corporations where security is crucial to business processes.

The health information web forms provide the same information required to complete standard medical and health questionnaires used by physicians, schools, employers and government agencies.


Our solution augments the physical practices in place by ensuring:


  1. Emergency / medical information is immediately available regardless of their location

  2. First responders can make more informed decisions on next steps

  3. Emergency contacts can be advised quickly


The benefits to your organization and worker include:


  1. Necessary and appropriate action is taken quickly

  2. Where quicker treatment is given the likelihood of a successful outcome and an earlier return to work is enhanced

  3. The financial burden on an individual and the organization may be lessened

  4. The organization is a leader in Workplace Health and Safety

  5. Reduced insurance costs

  6. Possible tax savings (consult with your tax attorney)


Accessing important medical details quickly in the event of an emergency saves lives.

Employees, staff, volunteers and other work-related personnel deserve to be given the highest level of protection against harm to their health, safety and welfare from hazards and risks while performing required tasks in or outside of the workplace.

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We have several cost effective options available for small businesses, large organizations and everything in between in addition to offering give back programs. 

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