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Manage your Individual & Family
Only a Dollar per Month
Gather & Store Personal/Family
$20 Register and Activate
What is...
A digital record created by YOU!  Input, store, update and share as YOU see fit.  PH Info is invaluable in coordinating with medical providers, specialists, organizations... even schools.
What are...
Digital versions of medical paper charts and images.  ie. physician generated diagnoses, tests and results, x-rays, insurance documentation, etc. 
Why do I need my Personal Health Information?
How do I get my Personal Health Information?
How do I manage my IDME PH Information?
How is my PH Information protected?
How do I sign up?
Why do I need my Electronic Medical Records?
How do I get my Electronic Medical Records?
How do I use my IDME card?
How is my IDME card kept secure?
How do I get my card?

Your health information is scattered across many different providers and facilities – and possibly even somewhere online. Keeping complete, updated and easily accessible health records means you can play a more active role in your healthcare as well as that of family members or others in your care. Just as healthcare providers keep their records of you. The record you keep of your healthcare visits and providers gives a more complete picture of your health history. 


PH information is (spread out sprinkled) over many different platforms, providers, institutions and the internet. Having your PH information history complete and updated means you have a far more significant advantage in managing yours and your families healthcare. You have all your personal financial information, right? And your doctor has a record of you... So shouldn’t you, also?

Basically, you will be gathering all of your Electronic Medical Records.


As you request and receive your records, you will create a PH information file that you will manage. Your PH information is shared at your discretion. You now have the power control what


Google “How to create a Personal Health Record”.

All your questions can be answered in 10 minutes of reading.

Don’t be lazy, just do it!

I keep my PH information on my phone, so it is passcode protected. Most people also have a password for their portable and/or desktop computer. Many people in a family sometimes share a computer. A secondary passcode can always be implemented for added security.

EMR’s are the history of you as a patient from the hospitals, institutions and doctors point of view. Tests, diagnoses, prescriptions, X-rays... Your complete health history on paper, computer files and in pictures in digital form. You have the right and the duty to collect all your information for when a care provider needs it from you. Having all this information password protected on your ID- ME CARD with USB will save you significant time and money. But most of all substantially reduce your stress level in stressful situations!

Google “How to get copies of your medical records”


The records you receive can be saved and passcode protected on your ID-ME USB so that you always have your complete medical history secured and at your finger tips.

Again, from the Electronic Medical Records you gather, YOU will decide what content of that information you want inputed into your PH information.

Treat and store your card like you care for other identifications like your drivers license or credit cards. The USB can be easily encrypted and passcode protected.


The information in the QR code is loaded with the information you programed it with. If your card is lost or stolen simply go to your ID-ME account and cancel your card, we will delete your active account. Then, order and receive a new card. Your complete electronic Medical Records should be backed up on an external drive, on your computer, etc. Insert your new card into your computer and drag the folder onto your new card. VERY SIMPLE SOLUTION, NO NEED TO STRESS!

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