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*Water Resistant

*Durable & Lightweight

Prepare Yourself for the Unexpected...

Travel is becoming more dangerous every year so in addition to becoming an ID-ME Member, be sure you have the information needed to return home safely. Adding travel insurance, educating yourself on the destination and staying on top of travel warnings are a few "musts" you should have on your travel checklist.   

Everyone understands the importance of having their medical information easily accessible in the event of an emergency...especially when traveling. The Identification Medical Emergency Card is equipped with USB technology and a Unique Identifier Quick Response (QR) code which contains all the pertinent information needed to save your life in the event of an emergency. Along with the benefits of storing medical records,  travel itineraries, citizenship documentation, birth certificates, etc. in one place on the cards flash storage memory drive, the QR code gives first responders immediate information such as medical history, current medications, allergies, emergency contacts and consent information for treatment.

Your Photo ID, Travel Documents & Medical Emergency Information Needs on One Convenient Card!

ID-ME is not only intended for leisure travelers. It is a perfect tool for people whom travel for a living as well. Companies such as WorldTravelService® offer standard and customized business travel reports so that you can track the elements you need in the way that makes sense for you.

The Next Generation in Medical Identification

First Responders SCAN the Unique Identifier QR code on the card to receive the following;

- Medical History

- Allergies 

- Medications

- Emergency Contacts

- Consent info for 

  emergency treatment

Compatible with all USB ports, Mac and PC. Quickly Store, transport and share files (medical records, healthcare documents, medical imaging ie. xray, MRI, etc.).


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