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Your Photo ID and Diving Documentation Needs In One

Store Completed and Approved Medical Statements


Medical Records and Emergency Contact Information


Dive Insurance, Memberships, Vouchers and Itineraries


Recreational Dive Planners, Dive Logs, Dive Tables, etc.


Photos and Videos from your Dive & Travel Experiences

Whether you’re a Dive Master or just getting your feet wet, the ID-ME card is a must have for divers of all experience levels. We spend much of our time preparing by running through our pre-dive equipment checklists...mask, tanks, weight belt and so on however, is your Personalized ID-ME card on that checklist? With certifications on the rise for recreational divers and Jr. Certifications available starting at the early age of ten, it has become an absolute necessity for diver’s of all ages to have their medical history, emergency contacts and pertinent health information immediately available in the event of a medical emergency. 


Your Personalized ID-ME Card, in and out of the water, is setting the industry standard for recreation and extreme sport enthusiasts.

OC Helicopters PADI Heli-Dive Training

In the Americas, OC Helicopters is the 1st and only organization offering the recreational SCUBA diving community the ability to specialize in Helicopter SCUBA diving. 

USC Catalina

Hyperbaric Chamber





Serving Southern California Divers since 1974 as an emergency medical facility for the treatment of scuba diving accidents.

The Foundation is a growing movement of scuba divers protecting the ocean planet.

A veterans service organization for wounded veterans of the military actions following the events of September 11, 2001.

*8 GB USB Flash Memory Storage

*Durable and Water Resistant

First Responders SCAN the Unique Identifier QR code on the card to receive the following;

- Medical History

- Allergies 

- Medications

- Emergency Contacts

- Consent info for 

  emergency treatment

Compatible with all USB ports, Mac and PC. Quickly Store, transport and share files (medical records, healthcare documents, medical imaging ie. xray, MRI, etc.).

The Next Generation in Medical Identification


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